Soletron Exclusive: Premier Fits – Interview with the Newest Players in the Headwear Industry

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What’s going on, guys? Just wanted to tell you all that I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on Soletron’s blog. Not familiar with Soletron? To put it simply, Soletron has done what I’ve always wanted to do only on a MUCH larger scale. And that’s create awareness of the smaller underground brands that everybody should be aware of. Soletron is a collective of the some of the best underground brands available today. If you’re not convinced, check out Soletron for yourself and shop around. I’m almost positive there’s going to be something you’ll like. Who knows? You might find a new brand you’ll want to follow.

As for me, on occasion I’ll be posting updates on Soletron’s blog. When I do, I’ll post the link on my blog so you can make the jump over to theirs.

So until then, CapTrackers… Keep an eye out…

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Foto151 entry: #Collection


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Frank151 contest: Foto151 – Daily Instagram photo contest -AND- More of Lex’s personal cap collection

What’s going on, CapTrackers? Just a little heads up on what I’ve been up to. As some of you may have heard, Instagram was recently made available for Android phones. I, like many, many others, hopped on the Instagram train the second I got wind of this. I saw this as an opportunity to try my hand at Frank151‘s latest Instagram contest called Foto151. (Click the image above for more details.)

I’ve done as many of the topics as I could and it’s been a pretty fun experience so far. Tomorrow’s topic is something I’ve really been looking forward to. Tomorrow’s (April 15th) topic is going to be “Collection.” I’ve been waiting for this day because I know exactly what I’m going to be posting for this topic. I’ll give you a hint… It’s something that I’m quite proud of and is the main reason I started this blog.

So for those of you readers that are curious to what my collection looks like, you’ll get a peek at it tomorrow via Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, feel free to follow me @captracker. If you do follow, it’d be cool if you could “Like” tomorrow’s picture. It doesn’t really matter in deciding that day’s winner, but it will boost my ego a bit. Until next time… keep an eye out…



Rock-n-Jocks: Chicago Bulls Snapback New Era

Rock-N-Jocks brings some hotness into your life with this Chicago Bulls Snapback New Era. This snapback has the front white foam. The air brushed screened on “CHICAGO” in red and black. The embroidered Bulls logo on the front of the hat is in white. The bill is all black. The back and sides of the hat is in white mesh. The back of the hat also has the embroidered bulls face logo in red, white, and black. Limited to only 10 total pieces it will go quick. Go get one at Also you have to hit RNJ’s facebook like button for huge discount codes at

2735 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio 44709
#: (330) 456-8373
 New this week at eCapCity 04-13-12

Cap City
5806 Bergenline Ave.
West New York NJ 07093
#: (201) 453-8485

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Jugrnaut: Jugrnaut x New Era – “Vice” and “Paid In Full”

By: Jugrnaut x New Era
Type: Fitteds
Buy: SURF (“Vice” / “Paid In Full”) / SHOP

New Spring 2012 colorways of Jugrnaut’s logo 59Fifty fits. Available at 11am today. SURF (“Vice” / “Paid In Full”) the online store or SHOP Jugrnaut today.

427 S. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60605
#: (312) 435-4635
Fax: (312) 435-4645



Urban Era Grand Opening event (Sunday April 15th, 11am – 7pm)

Host: Urban Era
When: Sunday April 15th, 11am – 7pm
1049 Bush St.
San Francisco, CA



Rock-n-Jocks sale: 20% off all caps – Use code “TAXES” (April 9th-11th)

Rock-N-Jocks is ready to save you some cash right in time for tax time. Save 20% off of all hats by entering in promo code TAXES at the checkout page. Hurry this short sale is only from April 9th-11th. Go now at


Grassroots California: MethodMan Killa Bee V.3 and V.4 (2 colorways)

By: Grassroots California
Type: Fitteds
Buy: V.3 / V.4

M-E-T-H-O-D… MAN!!! It’s a well known fact that hemp has many uses. I can safely say that the most popular use would have to be… as a building material. Which is why Grassroots California‘s has made hemp the main material of these Killa Bee fitteds. These two caps can be copped by SURFing (V.3 / V.4) Grassroots’ online shop. V.3 is the black/yellow colorway while V.4 is the khaki/blue/yellow colorway.