CapTracker.com is a blog that I created to inform the public on the latest and greatest in baseball cap news and releases. Presently, it’s become so much more than a simple blog about caps. The blog itself has grown beyond the realm of simply caps and has ventured into the world of urban culture and streetwear as a whole while still maintaining it’s priorities on what really matters. (Caps…) While posts will predominantly discuss caps, you’ll find the occasional posts about streetwear stores, brands, sneakers, videos, and anything else relating to the culture. It’s become a mixing bowl of info to keep your head in the know…

CapTracker.com is my blog. Who am I? My name is Lex. I love caps. I love caps so much that I blog about them. I blog about fitteds, snapbacks, 5-panels, and pretty much anything else that goes on your head with a brim. (Except visors…) I also blog about a lot of other things relative to the streetwear scene. Just trying to keep your head in the know…

In around March 2008, I visited San Diego and bought my very first hat. It was a New Era fitted cap. But this wasn’t just any New Era fitted. It was an exclusive. A limited release that could only be found at that store. When I returned home, I received numerous compliments on the cap and many questions about where I got it. It was the best feeling in the world.

After a while, I started to wonder if there were any other exclusive caps anywhere else in the world. So I set off to find them. I traveled to many different cities and visited numerous stores and boutiques to find rare, exclusive, and overall stylish caps. My adventures have rewarded me with a fine collection of caps from all over the country, and hopefully soon, all over the world.

This blog is a result of all that experience and knowledge I have gained over my travels, which I’m now sharing with you. That is how CapTracker was born.

A “CapTracker” is a term I coined up for anybody that does what the name implies. Track caps… I searched blog after blog and looked up store after store to find the ones that had their own exclusive caps. Afterwards, I would travel to that store’s city, tour the place, then visit the store to nab my souvenir cap. That, my friends, is what a CapTracker does.

Finds stores. Travels. Cops exclusive caps.

An expensive hobby, but fun as hell! You should try it sometime.