Family Affair: Sneaker Battle! – July 18th 3pm – 7pm

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And now for a totally NON-cap-related event. Family Affair is calling all foot soldiers to step up and let their kicks do the talking in this all out battle of the sneaker junkies. This is a family oriented event (A family affair) and there will be activities for all ages. All are invited. For more details, either check the flyers or contact Family Affair directly.

Venue/Register @ Family Affair
1900 Wazee St, Denver, CO
#: (303) 593-0289


Family Affair

Family Affair

There’s nothing better than finding that diamond in the rough. When you usually think about streetwear boutiques, I bet you think about cities like New York, Los Angeles, or even Miami. But very few people think about Denver, CO as a locale for a streetwear boutique. Well I’m here to tell you that Denver is not only home to a couple of these boutiques, but it’s home to the best. Out of all my travels, and all the shops and boutiques I’ve been to, Family Affair is that lustrous diamond that I’ve been searching for. It has been, ever since I set foot inside, my favorite shop.

Store owner, Jason Ngo, opened the store in hopes of creating a place that’s not like the conventional shops you see everywhere else. Family Affair is more than just a place to buy clothes. It’s a place where you can feel like family. A place that you can call “home.” Hospitality is what Family Affair offers most. And what’s more hospitable than a hair salon? Family Affair also has a full service hair salon that exclusively uses Bumble and bumble brand hair products. They offer a wide variety of services for both men and women, ranging from simple haircuts, to highlights, to whatever else is needed to get you looking your best. And when you’re done getting your top done, why not pick something to go on your feet? Family Affair is also a consignment store that sells 100% authentic, rare, DS/VNDS kicks. The finds there are top notch and are always fresh. Family Affair truly is your one stop shop for all you need to get in, look crisp, and get out to take on the world with your tight, new steez.

But wait… Although your trip to Family Affair has made you fresh and clean, who says you have to leave? Family Affair is not only a consignment store with a full service hair salon, but it’s also a venue. Why go anywhere else when the party’s right here? Family Affair holds numerous events right there in the store, from release parties, to art shows, to fashion shows. There’s always something happening at Family Affair that will be regretted by all who didn’t attend. The most fun you’ll ever have in a store ever.

There’s something for everyone at Family Affair. The crew will do whatever it takes to make you feel right at home. No cold sales reps, no “buy something, or get out” vibe, no negativity, only family. You can expect a lot from Family Affair, because they offer a lot. You’ll always leave with something, even if you didn’t buy anything. That’s why Family Affair is the best in my book. If you’re ever in the Denver area, be sure to drop by. You’ll discover that you’ve had family you never knew about.

Family Affair Online Store


1537 19th St.
Denver, CO 80202
#: (303) 593-0289

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(Images source: Family Affair blog post; Lifter Baron’s Flickr; Metromix Denver’s photo album)