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What’s going on, guys? Just wanted to tell you all that I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on Soletron’s blog. Not familiar with Soletron? To put it simply, Soletron has done what I’ve always wanted to do only on a MUCH larger scale. And that’s create awareness of the smaller underground brands that everybody should be aware of. Soletron is a collective of the some of the best underground brands available today. If you’re not convinced, check out Soletron for yourself and shop around. I’m almost positive there’s going to be something you’ll like. Who knows? You might find a new brand you’ll want to follow.

As for me, on occasion I’ll be posting updates on Soletron’s blog. When I do, I’ll post the link on my blog so you can make the jump over to theirs.

So until then, CapTrackers… Keep an eye out…

Soletron Store / Soletron Blog



Bogart New York

For more info on Bogart, click image above. Or HERE.


4u House of Fitteds preview: goes live May 18th

Until then, you can check out their blog. Keep an eye out…


Rock-n-Jocks has a posse

Do you want to save tons of money on New Era fitteds? If so, then you must got to Rock-N-Jocks facebook page and click the like button to be able to get huge discount codes and the latest updates on new releases. You’ll  be glad you did at

If you want to save big money with free discount codes and be the first to know about new arrivals then you must follow Rock-N-Jocks on their twitter page. Only at

2735 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio 44709
#: (330) 456-8373


T.I.T.S. is here to Help you coordinate

Two In The Shirt has been putting up some numbers and killin it this season! New girls, sick designs and they even went as far as to show you how to stay fresh.  Take notes and tell friends cuz its not gonna stop!


Sunday Or Monday Night?

Threes a treat

Off The Record


Rock-n-Jocks: Rock-n-Jocks x New Era – Chicago Bulls custom colorway -AND- Visit the Rock-n-Jocks blog for news and discount codes

Rock-N-Jocks just released one of our most in demand custom fitteds. This Chicago Bulls Custom New Era fitted in done in “GUCCI COLORS.” This fitted is all black with the top of the bill in hunter green and the bottom of the bill in red. The embroidered “bull logo” on the front of the hat is in red, white, and hunter green. The back of the hat has the embroidered bull logo in red and green. Go light speed to get yours at IT IS ONLY LIMITED TO 30 TOTAL PIECES.

2735 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio 44709
#: (330) 456-8373


Did you hear? Rock-N-Jocks the leader in custom New Era Fitteds now has its own blog. If you want discount codes to save money, information on new releases, and contests to win free fitteds then you must check out
 “Confirmed” launch date – January 2010

A while back I did a post about, a site dedicated to selling strictly Filipino New Era 59Fifties. (Check out the post here) I also mentioned that they weren’t really having too good a time getting everything up and running. Well, all that’s changed.

After months and months of careful planning and networking, it seems the boys over at have gotten all the bullshit straightened out and have progressed to the point of having an estimated launch date. It’s good to see young Filipinos succeeding in living out their dreams. They’re an inspiration to us all who want to make a small idea into a reality. Hopefully it’ll be up and running by January 2010. I’m hopeful.

I’ll keep the rest of you posted on any other change of events concerning this site, but until then… keep an eye out.

Good luck guys!!!
 New Era x iMirus – New Era’s digital online magazine is now available

YourLifestyleFitted.comCaps aren’t just a fashion statement. They’re also a way of life. Some people base their entire wardrobe/life structure on what cap they’re going to wear that day. For those types of people, we have New Era’s digital online magazine, Check it out. It’ll keep your head in the know. (Windows based systems only)

Also, check out Strictly Fitteds advert on page 15.

Click here to view Your Lifestyle Fitted

(Images source: New Era Cap’s Facebook wall)
 Get your Nike SB Tiffany Dunks HERE!!!
It has recently come to my attention that a lot of my visitors are coming here for one thing, and one thing only. And that’s the elusive sneaker collaboration between Diamond Supply Co. and Nike. Of course I’m talking about the Nike SB Tiffany Dunk Lows. Now even though I’m a cap lover, I do also appreciate a good set of kicks. But people are asking about the Dunks more than the caps I post about, and I don’t know what to tell them. But because I’m determined to keep your head in the know, I’ve done a little bit of research for you and came up with the solution to your Tiffany Dunk needs.
Nike SB Low Dunks - Tiffany Diamond is not a store, per se… but a lifesaver. Instead of wasting time calling numerous stores, searching the net, and finding nothing, Superkix acts as a middleman, or a “go-getter” for you in your quest for whatever pair you’re trying to find.  As the site states, Superkix is a network of over 40 shops and boutiques. Whatever pair of shoes you search for, Superkix tries to find it, states an average price that the shops are offering for it, and tells you what store has your size and it’s price. It’s that simple. It’s that convenient. No wasted time. No sites selling busted fakes.

So what are you waiting for? You’re not going to find any stores that sell Tiffany Dunks here. Surf on over to and search for the phrase “Tiffany SB Dunk”. You might find your size and a good price. Who knows? Check now. And come back to see me when you want something to go with your new Dunks…

Superkix search bar

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