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Happy Valentine’s Day from Lex and Frank151…

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Hope you got yours… ;D

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Frank151 x New Era – “Love Revolution” (Chapter 31)

(Photo and editing: Xel Concepts)


Chi-Town conclusion…

Chicagoland capsChicago was tight…

St. Alfred (Up front – black on black)
The Armory Chicago (In the back – red and white on blue)
Uprise Skateshop (On top of the Armory cap and box – black on black)
Leaders (On top of box – white on green)
Lids (The last two caps – blue on red and white accent on black)

Not pictured: Jugrnaut (Because they didn’t have their New Era in store yet.)

Till next time… keep an eye out.

(Images source: Xel Concepts – Not one of my best pics, but I have to work with what I got.)


Elite Boardshop: Triumvir x Fly Streetwear x Nike – SB Dunk Mid “Beijing”

I got this at Elite Boardshop in Fairfax, VA.Look… I know this is a blog about caps and all, but dammit, this is my blog and I can put anything I want on here. And I definitely wanted these babies. Knowing full well that these aren’t as hot as Yeezys, I bought these because they appealed to my tastes. I don’t buy too many things running off of hypesteam. Although, I have been known to be a hypebeast on occasion.

Triumvir Dunk conceptTriumvir Dunk Final

The Nike “Beijing” SB is a a collab between the historical gurus at Triumvir, the Bruce Lees of fresh at Fly Streetwear, and the foot soldiers of Nike. With their powers combined, I… am STEPPING FRESH!!! There’s an extreme amount of detail that went into these shoes. The colors represent something, the design on the strap means something, everything on this shoe represents something from China. It’s best if you read for yourself on Triumvir’s blog what everything means.


I first noticed these shoes in a newsletter that Elite Boardshop sends out whenever they get new stock. Oddly enough the newsletter didn’t state that Triumvir made these. Coincidentally, I decided to do a post on the Triumvir brand that same day and noticed these shoes on their site. It was a sign… Because I don’t buy shoes as much as I buy caps, this was a pretty big purchase for me. If I’m dropping over $100 on anything, it better be worth it. But these were the nicest looking shoes that I’ve seen in a while. Nice enough to make me spend over $100 on it and not expect a sexual act in return.


So I treked all the way to Elite and copped a pair. The customer service there is the best, especially the one dude who helped me with these shoes. Even though I came for the SBs, I couldn’t help but admire the cap selection there too. They never fail to impress me. They got caps from The Hundreds, 10.Deep, Acapulco Gold, Chocolate, and I mentioned before that they had their own New Eras. If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, be sure to stop by Elite Boardshop in Fairfax. You won’t be disappointed.

Elite Boardshop
11961-U Fair Oaks Mall
Fairfax, VA 22033
#: (703) 591-3003

(Images source: Xel Concepts; Triumvir blog post)