Hold On to Your Hats, Sports Fans…

Some people don’t understand what “reference” means. Some dude wanted the Brave’s “A” on a cake. He gave the baker a photocopy of his cap for a reference. Baker thought, “Let me impress the customer by giving him EXACTLY what he wants.” I’m sure the customer neither got impressed or what he wanted with this wreck.

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Been Had New Era Hats

Haven’t posted a video in a bit… This vid made me chuckle a little. Enjoy!



Only a month late… But still funny

LOL!Own a site? Have Kanye steal your thunder here –>


Mishka: Mishka x Colt 45 – The Mishka x Colt 45 backpack

The Mishka x Colt 45 backpackWow… Are you serious?

Available at Mishka’s online store and Jugrnaut Chicago.

427 S. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60605
#: (312) 435-4635
Fax: (312) 435-4645


tokidoki preview: tokidoki x XBL – 2 tokidoki caps for your XBL avatar (August 11th)

tokidoki clothing for your XBL avatarThis August 11th, Microsoft will have a mandatory update for all XBL users. This update will include new clothes for your avatar. In this lineup, you’ll get a chance to choose from a small array of tokidoki clothes and accessories for your XBL avatar. Included in this selection are two tokidoki caps. Unfortunately, they’re not free, but if the shirts are only 80 points ($1) then maybe the caps would be a little cheaper. This is the only way you’ll get tokidoki stuff for $1 or less.

Look your best when getting cursed out by other players. August 11th.

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The Cap Sac

Black Cap SacWhite Sac Pac
Royal Blue Cap SacRed Cap Sac

Here at CapTracker, I try to “keep your head in the know.” Unfortunately, that also means giving you information on things you wouldn’t even want. Yet alas, you must learn, my child. I was checking up on Reed Space‘s blog and one of their posts contained info on these beauties. They’re called Cap Sacs and could be the next big thing in fashion. Combining the everyday, sunblocking, ensemble accenting application of the common cap with the convenience of a having an extra storage unit on your body that a fanny pack offers creates this truly unique and stylish accessory. (I’m full of shit…) It’s not something that I would wear, yet one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The Cap Sac comes in these four colors above as well as four other colors. Visit the online store for yours.


Online Shop:

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Get yo Sac on bitches……..