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What’s going on, guys? Just wanted to tell you all that I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on Soletron’s blog. Not familiar with Soletron? To put it simply, Soletron has done what I’ve always wanted to do only on a MUCH larger scale. And that’s create awareness of the smaller underground brands that everybody should be aware of. Soletron is a collective of the some of the best underground brands available today. If you’re not convinced, check out Soletron for yourself and shop around. I’m almost positive there’s going to be something you’ll like. Who knows? You might find a new brand you’ll want to follow.

As for me, on occasion I’ll be posting updates on Soletron’s blog. When I do, I’ll post the link on my blog so you can make the jump over to theirs.

So until then, CapTrackers… Keep an eye out…

Soletron Store / Soletron Blog



The new and improved Xel Creative Shop (New products)

Wow… Nearly 6 months since my last post… After I specifically said I’d try to update more often. Once again, my bad…

Anyways, as some of you may have known I’ve tried my hand at screen printing my own tees. That’s what has been taking the blunt of my time during these past couple of months. Bad news is that it didn’t go too well… I’ll spare you the details and say that I’m not going to be printing any shirts myself anytime soon. My heart goes out to those who do this professionally everyday.

But just because my attempt at printing was a fail doesn’t mean that I thought my designs were. So I did the next best thing. I had a professional printer do the printing while I did the designing. Easy as that. I found a GREAT printer in my area who also owned his own underground brand called Gorilla Fist. Homeboy has been in the industry for over 7 years and knows how to design and print quality apparel.

With all that said, I can guarantee everyone that the designs in the shop (seen above) are all professionally made and ready to swag out. Shop with confidence, my friend. Check them out! I was even blessed enough to get my homegirl, Roxy Ayala, to showcase them for you. Show her some love and keep up to date with all her events.

Until next time, CapTrackers. Keep checking here for any Xel Creative updates and hopefully some ACTUAL CAP UPDATES! We’ll see…

Keep an eye out…


(Images source: Xel Concepts)
 is now online!

Just a friendly reminder that is now up and running. Check out what they got by clicking on the cap above or clicking HERE.


Commissary: The Commissary online shop is now open

Commissary‘s online shop has recently opened to the public. This is especially good for those of you interested in Invisible:Man caps but aren’t in New York or the OC right now. Check out what they got. Click HERE!


CapTracker TV: Episode 1 –


Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you the first episode of CapTracker TV. In this episode, I have a sit down with the crew of the online store, Proud pinoys and pinays everywhere will find it even easier to represent with a cap from

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

10% of all proceeds go to The Flora Apalisok Free Children’s Clinic.
 The Cast Shadow online shop is now online!

Bloodbath‘s side project cap company, Cast Shadow, is now available for purchase in their new online store. For those of you that don’t have a Bloodbath retailer handy,  you can now cop all of their cap styles online and in the comfort of your own home. SURF now to to check out what they got.

(Images source: Cast Shadow’s homepage)
 Officially open for business TODAY!


After months upon months of waiting since I first posted about, I can now confirm that the online shop is now officially open to the public. Just goes to show you that with a little drive and determination a simple idea can turn itself into reality. Which benefits all the cap wearing Filipinos in the world.

Pictured above is the store’s initial lineup. All are 100% authentic New Era 59Fifties and are available in all sizes. Know that when you order from, you’re not only buying authentic and securely, but you’re also supporting a greater cause. 10% of all proceeds go to the Flora Apalisok Free Children’s Clinic (FAFCC) which is an organization that delivers care and treatment to the underprivileged children of Bohol, a city in the Philippines. Truly a worthy cause if ever there was one.

Filipinos. These caps rep who you are. They also help the lives of children who wish they were you. Support those malnourished and underprivileged kids by supporting Salamat pagpalain ka ng Diyos.
 “Confirmed” launch date – January 2010

A while back I did a post about, a site dedicated to selling strictly Filipino New Era 59Fifties. (Check out the post here) I also mentioned that they weren’t really having too good a time getting everything up and running. Well, all that’s changed.

After months and months of careful planning and networking, it seems the boys over at have gotten all the bullshit straightened out and have progressed to the point of having an estimated launch date. It’s good to see young Filipinos succeeding in living out their dreams. They’re an inspiration to us all who want to make a small idea into a reality. Hopefully it’ll be up and running by January 2010. I’m hopeful.

I’ll keep the rest of you posted on any other change of events concerning this site, but until then… keep an eye out.

Good luck guys!!!

eCapCity.comCap City

Just west of New York City, we have West New York, New Jersey. (Clever name…) Although West New York’s not as exciting as it’s actual New York brother to the east, this city still has one place worth visiting. West New York’s diamond in the rough is Cap City, and when I say “worth visiting,” I mean it. Shelves upon shelves of exclusive New Era caps ranging from Cap City exclusive colorways to Cap City exclusive designs. If you want to put it on for your team, there’s almost no team Cap City doesn’t have in divisions you would have never thought of being on a New Era. The selection is too intense for me to describe, so shop or surf on over to Cap City to get the full effect of what I’m talking about.Cap CityWebsite/Online Shop:

5806 Bergenline Ave.
West New York NJ 07093
#: (201) 453-8485

Blog (New Releases):

Blog (Lifestyle):

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Reserve StoreLA based store Reserve serves as the flagship store for the brands Freshjive, Fucking Awesome, and Warriors of Radness. If you’re not in the LA area, you can also check them out online at, which is their online shop. Only for fucking awesome warriors of radness.

#: (323) 651-0131

Online Shop:

(Images source: Reserve’s website)